Computer would not boot up with USB Printer plugged in!

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So you installed you brand new Hp printer, printed a test page and everything works the way you want to. You turned your computer off  just before you leave work. The next morning you turn your computer on and to your surprise your computer does not boot up. Lights and fans are on but there is no Windows logo showing up. What happened. Did someone mess with your PC during the night?

Well the last thing you did was installing the printer. You unplug the USB printer cable and try to start you PC again. This time your PC boots up fine. You are thinking that this printer has mess with your PC and you are ready to uninstall the printer software and take back this printer. Wait!!

Here is a solution that I have found. Some of the motherboards have the USB Legacy Support enabled and that prevents the PC from booting up. You need to go in the BIOS and disable USB Legacy Support.

To do that you restart your PC and you check at the bottom of the first screen for the key that will allow you to press and enter the SETUP (BIOS). Once there, look around for USB Legacy Support, by using the UP and DOWN, ENTER and ESC keys to navigate. Once you disable the USB Legacy Support press F10 to save and exit. Done..

2 Responses to “ Computer would not boot up with USB Printer plugged in! ”

  1. Mike says:

    What do I do if I search all over the BIOS and USB Legacy Support is nowhere to be found?