At what height should your flat screen be mounted?

In order to determine the height that the TV should be mounted, we first need to know the size of the TV, the viewing distance from the TV, the eye level height from the floor and the reclining sitting angle. Let me bring some easy to follow formulas and then I will explain them:

Viewing Distance (VD) is the distance from where you should be sitting, to the wall of where the TV will be mounted. You can find the VD if you know your TV Size (TVS) from the following formula:

(1)Viewing Distance (VD)=TVS/0.55

For example if your TV size (TVS) is 55in then the viewing Distance (VD) should be 100 inches (55/0.55).

Before we can calculate the TV Mounting Height (TVMH) we need to measure your Eye Level Height (ELH) from the floor, while you a sitting down on your couch. Once you measure your ELH we can find the TVMH by the following formula:

(2)TV Mounting Height (TVMH) =ELH+(VD*0.22)—To the midpoint of the TV

For example when I sit on my couch my ELH from the floor is 39 inches and the VD is 100 inches (see previous example) so my TVMH is 39+(100*0.22)=61 inches from the floor to the midpoint of the TV. So here is a table:

TV Size (in)     Viewing Distance (in)             TV Mounting Height (in) at ELH=39in

Height Adjustable TV Mount

Height Adjustable TV Mount

32                    58 (4.8ft)                                 ELH+13 = 52 in

37                    67 (5.6ft)                                 ELH+15 = 54 in

42                    76 (6.4ft)                                 ELH+17 = 56 in

46                    84 (7.0ft)                                 ELH+18 = 57 in

55                    100 (8.3ft)                               ELH+22 = 61 in

65                    118 (10.0ft)                             ELH+26 = 65 in

70                    127 (10.6ft)                             ELH+28 = 67 in

Formula 1 is based to about 30 degrees of viewing angle that are within the limits of the Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers, THX  and manufacturers’ recommendations for 16:9 HDTV’s.

Formula 2 is based on the average reclining angle of about 12.5 degrees from vertical ( sitting up straight) for casual sitting. Manufacturers range for casual sitting is 10-15 degrees.

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33 Responses to “At what height should your flat screen be mounted?”

  1. Henry Sloan III says:

    Good info. But isn’t looking upward at the TV likely to cause neck pain? Also, the verb should be “lie” back, not “lay” back.

  2. JGrimp says:

    Hi, and thanks for the formula.
    TV is 52″
    Viewing distance is 100
    ELH is 42
    TVMH around 61″ seem a little high???
    Thanks for the feedback … JG

  3. admin says:

    Halim check out the previous post

  4. Halim says:

    I have 55 inch LED . Viewing distance 190 inch .. What should be the height of the TV

  5. admin says:

    “Hi I have a 46″ tv
    Eye level is 40″
    Viewing distance is 140″
    How high should I put the tv center”

    TV Mounting height would be 40in (ELH) + 140 in (VD) *0.22 (which is tanΘ, the reclining angle at 12.5 degrees) OR

  6. Jeff says:

    Hi I have a 46″ tv
    Eye level is 40″
    Viewing distance is 140″
    How high should I put the tv center
    Thanks Great site

  7. Rav says:

    Thanks Mate

  8. admin says:

    “I have 42 inch LED tv. ELH is 40 inch, Viewing Distance is 105 inch. What should be the height to the center of the TV?”
    TV Mounting height would be 40in (ELH) + 105 in (VD) *0.22 (which is tanΘ, the reclining angle at 12.5 degrees) OR

  9. admin says:

    “I have a 55 in LED, seated eye Level height = 39 in, viewing distance = 114in. At what height should my TV be mounted? Thanks.”
    TV Mounting height would be 39in (ELH) + 114 in (VD) *0.22 (which is tanΘ, the reclining angle at 12.5 degrees) OR

  10. Rick says:

    I have a 55 in LED, seated eye Level height = 39 in, viewing distance = 114in. At what height should my TV be mounted? Thanks.

  11. Rav says:

    I have 42 inch LED tv. ELH is 40 inch, Viewing Distance is 105 inch. What should be the height to the center of the TV?

  12. admin says:

    Assuming a reclining angle of 12.5 degrees when sitting then the TV mounting Height to the center of the TV will be:

  13. oriser says:

    what would be the center height of my tv for mounting?

    Panasonic 55″ plasma
    viewing distance 96″
    seated eye level 43″

  14. admin says:

    Hi Dave

    Assuming a reclining angle of 12.5 degrees(tanΘ=0.22) then your TVMH should be:
    TVMH=72 inches to the center of the TV from the floor

  15. Dave says:

    Hi, could you assist in center of TV mounting height? Thanks!
    Vizio 70″
    Actual Diagonal – 69.5″
    Height – 38″
    Midpoint – 19″
    Seated Eye Level Height – 39″
    Actual Viewing Distance – 150″

  16. admin says:

    Sunil the optimum viewing distance of a 40in TV should be 40/.55=72in. In your case if we assume you will lay back on your couch (12 degree of reclining angle) then you should mount your TV at 40+144*0.22=72in

  17. admin says:

    Assuming a 12 degrees of reclining your TV mounting height should be 38+132*.22 =67inches

  18. Aaron says:

    Hi there,

    I have a 55 inch flat screen. VD is 11ft (132″) and the ELH of 3ft 38″. Can you advise of the tv height.
    Great web site as well. Merry Xmas from Oz!

  19. Sunil says:

    1 First would like to derive formula if the VD is more than the expected. In case of Lodge, how did you derive 0.4 factor!!

    Mine is
    12 ft i.e 144″ from wall
    40 inch tv ( height is 22″)
    ELH : 40″

    What TVMH here?


  20. Sharmun says:

    Great site, love your work and ideas. I have successfully mounted my 42inch tv set. What would you suggest for a LG Flatron M197WAP? TIA

  21. admin says:

    Hi Sai

    About 62 inches

  22. admin says:

    Hi Natalie

    About 59 inches

  23. Sai says:

    Thanks for the very useful post. Can you please suggest height of the tv to be hanged from your formula for a 55 inch TV (height 27.8) , VD = 14 feet, ELH = 40 inch

  24. Natalie says:

    My viewing distance from our 50 inch will be 200″ eye level distance will be 40″ what would the mounting height be? I can’t seem to figure it out. Help please! Lol

  25. Lodge Weber says:

    Thank you…
    At 68″, my particular set would then be 87″ – which is better in my estimation, however aesthetically i believe i’m going to wind up with a 53 or 54″ center of TV mounting… going backwards with function following form.

    Thank you again for taking the time to reply.

  26. admin says:

    Hi Lodge
    If you are sitting 14ft away from your TV formula 1 assumes that your TV is 92in instead of 70in. If you combine formula 1 and formula 2 then the TV mounting Height would be (TVMH)=ELH+TVS*0.4. Where ELH would be the Eye Level Height and TVS would be the TV size in inches. In your case if you plug in ELH=40in and TVS=70in the TV mounting height would be 68in to the middle of the TV.

  27. admin says:

    Thanks Dan.

  28. Lodge Weber says:

    I read this article with great interest as i found it to be the only one with a formula for precise measurements. Thank you.

    I own a 70″ LCD/LED , have an eye height of 40″ and have a viewing distance of approximately 13 – 14 feet (3 to 4 feet longer than the ideal distance of 10.6′) – with your formula, the midpoint of the television should be 77″ – WOW! that would place the top of the television at 8 feet…while i do have close to an 11′ ceiling, this just seems way too high. There are other discussions / recommendations to have the television placed at eye level (my opinion too low) or around 1 foot above eye level – for me 52″ which “feels” more comfortable. the reason i mention this is that when going to a movie theater, i always try to sit just below mid-screen center. Understanding there are always personal preferences and variations involved, i do appreciate the time and thought process that went into this calculation.


  29. Dan says:

    In the above chart, shouldn’t the 65″ tv be 65″ (39+26=65) mounting height, and the 70″ tv be 67″ (39+28=67) mounting height?

  30. admin says:

    About 6.7 ft to the middle of the TV, assuming your eye height from the floor is 40 in when you sit at your couch.

  31. alice Dahbura says:

    For a 103″ Flat TV, what is the Mounting Height ?


  32. Amy in Ohio says:

    Just re-read you comments and noticed your example states “to the midpoint of TV”, so I’m all set. Thanks, again.

  33. Amy in Ohio says:

    This is helpful, thanks. One question, can you please clarify TVMH (ie. bottom edge of TV, top edge, some other point)? Thanks!

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