Mounting TV’s on walls has been a universal trend for years now. It is a convenient space saver and when installed professionally hides cords beautifully. Hanging TV’s both inside and outside allows you ample space for hosting gatherings and more seating areas. Sometimes the location in which we would like to place the TV is […]

With most residential homes requiring multiple devices to be run off of Wi-Fi this has put a strain on standard home network setups. As a result it is extremely beneficial to have a professional home network setup. There are many benefits to having a home network setup shown below.  Increased security: In today’s world hackers […]

Buying a new TV is always exiting but many of our customers ask what size TV should they buy. Well there are two constrains in buying a TV. First is your budget and then is the size of the room or space that you will be watching your new TV in. In order to understand […]

Wireless coverage especially for larger homes has become indispensable. Cell Phones, security cameras, thermostats, televisions, alarms etc. they all need a strong and fast WiFi signal to connect to the Internet. Unfortunately, most of the routers are just a single device that if it’s not placed on a centralized location of the house it leaves […]

Let’s first start, with what is HDMI. HDMI is a standard that let audio and video devices talk to each other. HDMI stands for High-Definition Multimedia Interface. It was invented by Sony, Toshiba and some other companies to make it easy on consumers to connect their audio and video devices. HDMI is software or a […]