With most residential homes requiring multiple devices to be run off of Wi-Fi this has put a strain on standard home network setups. As a result it is extremely beneficial to have a professional home network setup. There are many benefits to having a home network setup shown below.  Increased security: In today’s world hackers […]

Buying a new TV is always exiting but many of our customers ask what size TV should they buy. Well there are two constrains in buying a TV. First is your budget and then is the size of the room or space that you will be watching your new TV in. In order to understand […]

Wireless coverage especially for larger homes has become indispensable. Cell Phones, security cameras, thermostats, televisions, alarms etc. they all need a strong and fast WiFi signal to connect to the Internet. Unfortunately, most of the routers are just a single device that if it’s not placed on a centralized location of the house it leaves […]

Let’s first start, with what is HDMI. HDMI is a standard that let audio and video devices talk to each other. HDMI stands for High-Definition Multimedia Interface. It was invented by Sony, Toshiba and some other companies to make it easy on consumers to connect their audio and video devices. HDMI is software or a […]

Aeon-Nox-Kodi-Skin2 I started, as many of you, with Cable TV since it had a good package and fast internet. I was paying about $70 just for cable TV when i started and $50 for internet. Two to three years later the cable TV had gone up to $125 a 64% increase. I could not stomach […]