How to Recover Deleted Files

Posted in Nextdaytechs Blog

So if you are like me from time to time I like to clean my PC from files that I have not used for a while. I first clean all temp files from my PC by going to my computer, right clicking on the hard drive, selecting properties and clicking disk clean up. Once I do that I then go through my desktop and hard drive and delete folders and files that I no longer need. I usually do that every 3 to 4 months to clean up and organize my files.

Well the other day, after I cleaned up my PC I try to find some of the pictures I had from my trip to Italy two years ago. My folder was not there any more. I checked my trash but there were not there either. I usually empty it when I clean up. Well I had to get these files back. I know that there were still on the hard drive and hopefully there were not overwritten by other files. You see, files that you have deleted are still on the hard drive until there are overwritten by newer files.

I went to CNET downloads my favorite place to get software and downloaded Pandora Recovery for FREE. This software is incredible! I was able to specify what types of files I needed to recover by file extension. I needed .jpeg since my camera creates these types of files. In about an hour of scanning my hard drive, Pandora had found over 1300 .jpeg files. I was then able to short them by file size because some of the .jpegs were not my pictures and those files were small in terms of size. After that all I had to do is highlight the my files and copy and paste them in a new folder.

So next time you are missing files just download Pandora Recovery and get your files back. It’s that easy.