How to choose the right security camera system for the office.

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Any place where people assemble, security concerns need to be addressed whether at home, office or public place. Security is a broad term which includes people, property, infrastructure, valuable goods and equipment. The office is one such location where along with employee safety and protection of office property, maintaining business confidentiality is also a top priority.

Security cameras are an effective solution to address these issues. The very fact that a security system is in place itself acts as a deterrent. Security cameras also monitor every activity that takes place according to date and time. This provides an archived record of data that can be referred to cross check any incident.
BeforeĀ  security camera installation, first check out your requirements. Here are some common factors that are important in this regard.

1. What are the locations that need to be monitored? Some places where security cameras are installed include the entrances, parking lots, facing valuable goods and equipment and in employee work areas. Accordingly, determine the number of cameras needed to properly monitor each and every location from various angles.

2. What are the dimensions of the space to be monitored? An important aspect, as most security cameras are good enough to capture images only up to 35-50 feet and provide a 70 degree angle of view. Bullet cameras come with a powerful lens (over 4mm) providing in-depth visibility over a greater area.

3. Is the monitored space uniform in height and depth? A camera affixed on the ceiling in a corner of the room will cover most spots. However in places where you may need to keep watch at different levels a PTM camera with a pan, tilt and zoom option will come in handy to ensure no spot is left out from view.

4. Can the security camera be used in dim light? Today most security cameras function well during the day as well as when there is minimum light. However to record images in darkness an infrared camera is the best option which captures images using infrared LEDs. The infrared camera is useful in outdoor locations in nighttime as well as places where it may not be possible to have lights always.

5. Is the image resolution sufficient to capture small details? A security camera with a higher resolution provides detailed image quality. Cameras with a resolution above 400 provide in-depth image details like facial features. These cameras can also enable the viewer to read characters on objects within images without requiring the zoom feature.

6. Can the security camera be damaged by the elements or vandals? If you are planning to install the camera outdoors be sure to choose one with a protective weather proof casing. Dome cameras come with an optional protective armor that can withstand strong blows without any damage. Also the digital video recorder (DVR), which records images captured by the camera to a disc, needs to be stored in a secure location to avoid any tampering.

7. Is a wired or wireless camera the best choice? While both options will serve the purpose, wireless cameras are much better when it comes to disguising the camera. Wireless cameras can be easily blended in the surrounding without being discernible. However the range of wireless cameras is less and they are best used in small spaces.
It is also illegal to use these cameras for any other purpose other than ensuring security. In some states one needs to declare beforehand if any place is under surveillance by security cameras.

8. Does the security camera permit remote viewing? Network cameras or IP cameras as they are also known connect to the Internet via the IP address. This enables you to view the images in real time from anywhere. The system can be accessed by entering the IP address and password from a PC, laptop or smart phones like the iphone or Windows Mobile.

With rising incidents of workplace harassment and violence and resulting claims it has becomes necessary to monitor employee activity at all times. Also thefts and burglaries can occur from within an organization or due to external forces especially at nighttime. Lastly sabotage like damaging important equipment and data theft can cause irreparable loss to any business. Security cameras are a necessity to effectively address all these issues.