How to Stop TV from Falling Over

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In a May 2015 report by the Consumer Product Safety Commission by Dr. Jonathan Midget it was reported that 62% (226 deaths) involved televisions falling tipping over. The victims were children of ages 1 year to 8 years old.

TV falling over

Prevent the TV from falling tipping over

On another report by there has been a 31% increase (12,801 injuries in 2011) in TV tip over related injuries over the last 10 years and only one quarter of the adults take action to secure their TVs on the wall.

So if you have children in that age group or children visiting it’s imperative that you secure your TV on the wall. The best way to secure your TV is to mount your TV on the wall. If that is not an option, anchor the TV to the piece of furniture it is sitting on and/or to the wall.

TV mounting install

The Best Option is to Mount your TV on the wall

When mounting your TV on the wall you need to consider covering the cables coming down from the TV to the furniture as they present a danger been pulled by the kids. Also consider mounting your TV higher and out of the reach of children.

Another way to secure your TV is to strap your TV on the furniture. Although that prevents the TV from falling or tipping forward it does not prevent the TV from falling backwards.

strap tv to furniture

Strap tv to furniture

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