So you mounted your TV on the wall sat in your couch and started watching your favorite program. Your wife comes home and you are happy to show her how well you did with mounting the TV on the wall. She looks happy, at first, when she sees the TV mounted, but then she starts […]

There a many places you can mount your TV on the wall. You can mount your TV over a fireplace, or you can install your TV on the corner of a room or you can hang your TV from the Ceiling. Here are some ideas and pictures that will help you decide:

Universal remote controls have been around for some time. They have been replacing the clutter of individual remotes with just one remote that controls all the home theater devices like TV, blu ray, receivers, soundbars, game consoles etc. Logitech Harmony, and URC have been the remote control of choice, with Logitech Harmony been easier to […]