4 Responses to “ How to install tv on wall without wires showing ”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Outstanding help video– my kind of gal . Smart, easily understood, and complete

  2. carlos says:

    Hi again…n I also wanted to ask..how do I know if its anything electrical in the wall b4 I start cutting a hole for the cable organizer kit? The stud finders blare away at the slightest detection n aren’t accurate???

  3. carlos says:

    Hi..great video n ty..I wanted to ask, where can the cable organizer be purchased?

    • admin says:

      You can get the in wall wiring kit in the link below

      As for the use of the stud finder, place it on the wall and turn it on. If it beeps then choose another spot and do it again. Once you find a spot that does not beep, then slide it slowly to the left or right until it beeps, mark that spot, it is the corner of the stud. Do the same at the other direction to find the other stud. Studs are usually apart 16in on center

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