Choosing the correct TV Installation Service

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We have severalĀ  flat screen TV installation packages that will fit almost any TV wall mounts project. How to choose the right one will depend on where in your house will you mount your TV and your budget.

The things to look for before you choose where on the wall you will place your TV, for the best experience and to keep costs down, are:

1. An electrical outlet and a cable outlet right below where the TV will be mounted.

2. Avoid placing your TV on the wall opposite to windows since the glare will not let you enjoy your TV Sunday morning.

3. If you will be installing your TV in the living room try not to place the bottom of the TV higher than your eye level. You can install the TV higher in the bedroom.

4. If you will be installing your TV above a fireplace make sure that you have an electrical and cable outlet either to the left or the right side of the fireplace.

5. The TV will be connected to other devices like a cable box, a Blu-Ray etc. make sure you have a stand or a shelve to place these devices preferably under where the TV will be mounted.

6. Avoid mounting your TV on an outside or perimeter wall since it will cost more if you will like to hide the wires in the wall.

Once you have choose where you want your TV to be installed then you can choose the appropriate TV installations package.

The Stem and Vesta Wall mounted TV installation packages are the most versatile, less intrusive and the least expensive. The reason is that all the wires are hidden in a molding that is attached on the wall, below the TV, that can be painted to match the wall. The Stem and Vesta can go on any wall stone, concrete brick drywall etc.

The Dali Wall mounted TV installation package is more expensive than the Stem because all the wiring is hidden in the wall. You do not see any wires below the TV other than at the bottom of the wall where the wires are coming out to be connected to the power outlet, the cable box etc. The Dali can be installed only on plaster or drywall (hollow walls)

The Picasso and Vulcan Wall mounted installation packages are more expensive than the Dali because an electrical outlet is placed behind the TV, through a provided kit, and all other wires are hidden in the wall through this kit. In the Vulcan TV installation the cables have to be fished horizontally first and then vertically as a result the wall has to be opened in several places and then put back and patched. The Picasso and Vulcan TV installations can be installed only on plaster or drywall (hollow walls).