Height Adjustable TV Mount

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So you mounted your TV on the wall sat in your couch and started watching your favorite program. Your wife comes home and you are happy to show her how well you did with mounting the TV on the wall. She looks happy, at first, when she sees the TV mounted, but then she starts complaining that the TV is mounted too low or too high on the wall. You thought that you had the right TV height but now you have to start all over again. Take the TV off, drill new holes, remeasure everything and then hang the TV all over again with the hope that you will get everything right this time. A project that should of taken a couple of hours is turning to be taking your whole day.

Here is a solution to this problem. An adjustable height TV mount. Once you install it you can move the tv up and down 12in to 18in. Brilliant!!! no more remounting the TV no more adjustments. Just install it and forget it!

Here is a link where you can buy it from Amazon and see it how it works below: