MOCA Home Network Installation (2 Lines)
Our Price: $ 495

This service is perfect for multistory homes were running network lines are cost prohibitive.

Is your home already wired with coax cable outlets (TV outlets) and have an Internet access? then we can install the MoCA adaptors that will allow you to have a very fast (1 Gbps) network access for your PC's, TV's etc. 

This Service will allow you to have minimum of 2 or more network lines anywhere in your home that has a coax outlet and  electrical outlet.

The MoCA devices are not compatible with Direct TV, Dish or any other type of satellite TV, or with AT&T Internet and AT&T U-Verse Networks.

Next day service available in your area.
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We will:
  • Send a certified Networking Technician.
  • Be there within a 2-hour window you specify.
 Here are some items you might need before the technician arrives.
  • Wireless router like Linksys, Netgear, Encore, D-Link, Belkin etc
  • Modem that is provided to you by your telephone or cable provider.
  • Some Internet service providers can give you a modem and a wireless router in one device.
  • Wireless Network USB adaptor for each of your desktop computers.
  • A wireless printer

All our Technicians:

  • Are Industry certified.
  • Have passed  background check.
  • Are bonded and insured.
Product Code  :  moca2.0